Gaining Confidence

Gaining ConfidenceThe idea of needing dentures can be an overwhelming life decision for many individuals. There are often a number of concerns that are associated with either full or partial dentures, and these emotional factors should be addressed in finding the ideal solution for oral health.

  • Will it change lifestyle?
  • Will dentures impact speech?
  • Will there be more maintenance than natural teeth?
  • Will dentures hurt?
  • How will dentures impact other health concerns?
  • How will partial dentures impact existing teeth?

All of these practical questions are also accompanied by concerns about appearance, aging, and self image as well.

Assurances For Well Being

At Island Dental Associates in Franklin Square and Shine Dental Associates in Syosset, one of the first aspects that we address with clients is overall health. The need for dentures is not always an age related factor, and wearing dentures should not add to feelings of growing old. Concerns such as gum disease, genetics, bone degeneration, and even accidents can all lead to the need for full or partial dentures at any age. Understanding this often allows our clients to give a better consideration to the options they have available.

People who require partial dentures may go with the traditional bridge if the surrounding teeth are healthy enough to anchor it. However, even clients with otherwise sound dentition may opt for anchoring with dental implants, since this can often be a better way to retain the natural teeth. With implants, there is no force or abrasion that is exerted on the surrounding dentition and this can lead to better oral health.

Even clients with full dentures who decide to get mini dental implants for stabilization will often find that this is a far more comfortable route. The posts are inserted through a surgical procedure, and minimal discomfort is felt during the healing process. The overall result is a painless transition to a natural looking smile.

We invite clients to schedule an appointment or a consultation to discuss both concerns and options for tooth fabrication. By gaining this education, our clients can make the wisest decision for dentures that will fit their lifestyle, and ultimately boost their confidence through a great appearance.