Getting Back In Line

Getting Back In LineOral health is an important part of wellness, and should never be overlooked just because the natural teeth are no longer present. In fact, people who have full or even partial dentures should be even more conscious of the changes that happen within the soft tissue and the structure of the mouth, as this can impact how the prosthetic teeth will fit over time.

The need for a denture reline may be due to wear on the dentures themselves or changes that are happening to the gums and the jawbones. Regardless of the physical cause, relining dentures will vastly affect how well the prosthetics fit and how comfortable they are to wear. It can be important to determine why the reline is needed, however, in order to make the most effective choice as to what type of reline to choose.

Hard Choices

At Franklin Dental Associates and Shine Dental Associates, we see many clients who have very healthy soft tissue and minimal bone degeneration, even though they wear full dentures. In most of these cases, relining will need to happen because the prosthetics themselves have succumbed to wear. In these cases, we will usually do a hard reline, which uses a sturdier polymer to generate a closer fit to the gums and bone. This type of reline will usually not need to be monitored as closely and can offer a good fit for an extended period of time.

The Soft Touch

Some of our other clients are better candidates for a soft reline. This utilizes a more flexible polymer, and can be especially beneficial if there is gum recession or sensitivity, or if there is progressive bone loss. Although these relines will need to be modified more often, they do compensate for the changes that are happening in the mouth and can provide comfort is there is tenderness in the gums.

If you feel that your dentures are no longer fitting as well as they used to, then we encourage you to contact our Franklin Square or Syosset office in order to schedule an evaluation. Our staff can discuss causes and solutions, in order to get you back in line with the best fit for your prosthetic.