Getting To Know If Dentures Are The Right Choice For You

Getting To Know If Dentures Are The Right Choice For YouWhile dentures are a simple and easy way to remedy the problem of tooth loss, they may not be the best choice for everyone. If you’re missing only a couple or a few teeth due to decay, injury, or illness, dental implants or another solution may be more beneficial when compared to dentures, but for those missing a sizable portion of their natural teeth, we at Island Dental Associates will often recommend some type of denture.

The variety of denture will also vary depending on your particular tooth loss situation, and while one person may require a full set of dentures, another may only need a partial to achieve the look and function they want. To determine just which type of denture may be best for you, we recommend having a consultation with a dental professional who will inform you about what solution may work best.

With dentures, a person may be tempted to become more lax with their oral hygiene practices, as dentures aren’t going to be susceptible to cavities or decay like natural teeth. However, even those with dentures must practice healthy oral hygiene regularly, as dentures do not render a person immune to oral infections or the deterioration of the gums. In order to hold dentures comfortably and securely, the gum structure must be kept healthy, and this can only be done with regular oral hygiene.

When first wearing dentures, you may experience some soreness or discomfort, but these experiences are actually quite normal. Just because your dentures are uncomfortable at first, this doesn’t mean that dentures aren’t the right choice for you, it simply means that your gums and your mouth must get used to the dentures before you have the comfortable experience you want. Whether you’re receiving a full set of dentures, or a partial, some discomfort should be initially expected.

At Island Dental Associates, our dental professionals will be able to determine if dentures are the best dental option for you, and this is done through a thorough consultation. To learn more about our dentures, and whether dentures are the right fit for you, simply call us at Island Dental Associates to schedule a consultation.