When you finally get your new dentures, chances are you’ll be met with a combination of relief and joy. Your smile is now complete again and you’re ready to go show the world! Unfortunately, it’s not that simple. Even the best dentures, no matter how perfectly they were modeled after the real thing, will not feel natural right away. There will definitely be a grace period where you get used to using them. Here are some tips to help you along the way.

First, you need to wear them. This may seem obvious, but it will be tempting at first to take them out when you’re having a hard time expressing yourself or chewing food. For one thing, this could cause issues with the actual state of your mouth. For another, this will only set you back in the long run. You need to hunker down and will yourself to stick with it until you get the hang of it.

There’s not a whole lot you can do about speaking, but some people may be tempted to eat soft foods or soups to get around the difficulty of using their new teeth to chew. Once again, this will only end up hurting you. If it makes you more comfortable, eat meals in private where you won’t feel embarrassed. Slowly, but surely, you’ll master this essential skill.

One “cheat” you should consider is using adhesives. You can apply them to upper or lower dentures to give yourself a little help in the beginning. Lower dentures can be especially difficult because they just rest on top of your gums. So another strategy is to use your tongue to hold them down by forcing it on the inside tab at the center.

If you’re wearing temporary or removable dentures and just aren’t making progress after a few weeks, you may need to consider implants. These will fix the dentures to your jaw with metal, making it much easier to speak without having to worry about your teeth coming loose and moving around on you.
Understand, too, that one of the main challenges you’ll face is discomfort. Your gums will almost certainly get rubbed raw when you’re first getting used to dentures as they are acclimating to this new fixture as well.

Although dentures can be a real challenge at first, understand that everyone else with them has been in the same position you are and managed to come out on top. Keep practicing; don’t give up; and soon you’ll be as comfortable with your dentures as you were with your real teeth.

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