Give Thanks for That Beautiful Smile!

Give Thanks for That Beautiful Smile!Thanksgiving Day is almost upon us and many of us have a lot to be thankful for.  Family, friends, shelter, a job.  These things we take for granted each day can be discovered and appreciated on this day when we eat lots of turkey, cranberry sauce, and pumpkin pie.  It’s easy to take simple things for granted, even a smile.

We smile as we pass the green bean casserole to Aunt Edna, smile as our nieces and nephews regale us with tales of their high-school drama, smile when Dad starts talking about his youth when minimum wage was only seventy-five cents an hour.  And when we smile, we don’t think twice about it.


For those of us with ill-fitting dentures, smiling can be more than just an easy act.  Smiling becomes embarrassing, sometimes even painful.  Teeth that shift at the very first bite of our dinner roll can make us not want to even eat in front of people.  When our teeth are uncomfortable, there is very little to smile about.


Fortunately, a secure smile is possible.  At Island Dental Associates and Shine Dental, we want you to have a lot to be thankful for this November.  That’s why we offer same day and walk in appointments so that we can adjust your dentures and give you a secure bite before the big turkey day.  Stabilizing, repairing, and relining dentures are a big part of our business.  From full dentures to partial dentures, our professional staff is here to help get you in, get you comfortable, get you fixed up, and get you back to your life as quickly as possible.

Come On In…

Once your teeth are repaired, you’ll be happier; when you’re happier, your smile will be bigger, brighter, and more authentic than ever.  Give us a call or just stop into one of our offices today.  Located in Franklin Square, NY, Island Dental Associates services the surrounding areas from Floral Park to Uniondale and everywhere in between.  Shine Dental Associates is on the Jericho turnpike in Syosset and we serve residents and surrounding areas of Hicksville, Oyster Bay, and Muttontown, just to name a few. Come in and speak to our staff today. We’ll have you digging in to that holiday dinner in no time.  And even if your family has a lot of drama, you’ll be able to smile through it and be confident as you do.