Going All The Way

Going All The WayModern dentistry has come a long way since the days of carved wooden teeth and painful procedures. New dentures have become innovative not just in terms of appearance and function, but also in terms of fit and maintenance. Even full replacements are benefiting from advances in reconstructive surgery and single tooth replacements to give denture wearers options that will better fit their lifestyle and habits as well as their cosmetic aesthetic.

The majority of people who do wear full dentures are familiar with the traditional design of a fitted acrylic palate that is held in place by way of adhesives. This design is fairly commonplace and offers many benefits that include the ability to add support in cases where there is bone loss and to replicate a healthy gum line where there is severe recession. However, individuals with severe osteoporosis in the jaw will find that frequent refitting may be necessary before a working set of dentures is available to them.

A Blending Of Techniques

A newer technique that is frequently employed for full and even partial dentures for individuals with severe bone conditions is known as hybrid dentures. As the name implies, it is a bending of the process that is used to make traditional prosthetics with techniques that are used to surgically implant replacement teeth. The result is a semi-permanent set of dentures that affords optimal fit and comfort and an exceedingly natural look.

At Shine Dental Associates and Island Dental Associates, we can review your x-rays end determine if this route can be a good match for you. The process is performed painlessly under surgical sedation as several teals anchors are inserted into the mandibles. Once these are in place, your fabricated personal dentures will slot on to the anchors for an exceedingly firm fit.

The term semi-permanent that is used in relation to hybrid dentures does refer to the fact that they may still be removed for hygienic and cleaning purposes. Otherwise, once you have them in place, they will look and feel just like natural teeth. You can find out more about this option, and also how our experienced staff can help you in making the determination as to whether this is the correct step for you. Patient who have struggled with dentures over the years have come to find that hybrids are an optimal solution that brings deserved relief.