Got A Dental Emergency

Got A Dental EmergencyIt can happen to anyone at any time. Maybe you’re enjoying the holidays with your family and end up cracking your dentures on some hard candy. Or perhaps it’s just another day at home and you accidentally slip and hit your tooth right out of your mouth.

Sadly, accidents happen and when they do it may be your mouth that ends up paying the price. Often we think of hospitals and doctors when we think of emergency situations. However, many medical facilities are simply not equipped to handle every type of emergency. This can include any damage done to your teeth or dentures. 

Though dental emergencies can be due to an accident, it can often be due to an existing condition. Often people will put off a tooth ache or may not even realize the problem exists until much later. For these cases, it is important to ensure that there is no infection left in your gums in order to prevent further damage to your mouth.

Denture damage can also require extra care to the gums and remaining teeth. Though Dentures are often damaged due to accidental breakage of the prosthetic or from wear and tear, it is important to be sure that there isn’t something harmful hidden away.

Here at Island Dental Associates, we provide many services to help you with your unique dental needs. This includes being able to help you in an emergency where your teeth or dentures have been broken and need immediate care. Our same day or dental emergency services include:

-Denture repair

– Denture fabrication

-Relining and fitting

-Dental implants

Thanks to our quick and friendly service, many clients are able to feel ease during their time of stress and worry.

So if you live in or near Long Island and need emergency care or simply want to be ready for the worst, don’t hesitate to take advantage of our same day and emergency dentistry service. Though we are happy to help you in an emergency, we’d also love to help you prevent it too. We recommend that you visit us at the first signs of dental or denture trouble.