Growing Is A Part Of Life

Growing Is A Part Of LifeDenture wearers frequently look to adhesives as a way of achieving a better fit between their palate and the synthetic dental plate. This can be a viable solution in many case, but if you are finding that your full dentures a frequently slipping and shifting, there may be other issues at work. Another problem that denture wearers encounter, is that older sets of teeth can seem to cause discomfort as time goes by, even if the piece fit well initially.

No matter what a person’s age, physical changes are always occurring at some level. This can become particularly apparent in the jaw area especially for people with full dentures. Changes in the shape of the jaw are a perfectly natural occurrence. These may be cause by such factors as changes in bone and muscle density, shifting of natural teeth, and differences in the way a person moves their mouth as they are talking or eating, after the initial fitting of the dentures.

Checking In

Getting an annual dental check-up is a necessary part of oral health, whether you are caring for your real teeth or for your dentures. These appointments will help to track any structural fluctuations that may have happened in the jaw, and will also monitor your gums for health concerns and for the fit of your dentures. As you take part in these appointments, you may find that getting a better fit on your full dentures is not so much a function of the adhesive you are using, but rather, the need for a refitting or re-fabrication of your dental device.

Shine Dental Associates in Long Island can help you evaluate the status of your current dentures, and help to determine whether repairs or a new set are needed. Many times, patients who wear full upper and lower dentures will find that the replacement of only one set will help to fix chewing issues and discomfort that appears to be caused by both. This is because even if the upper dentures are properly sized and seated, a misalignment in the lower jaw can cause shifting.

Finding greater comfort for your mouth does not need to be a drawn out process. Shine Dental Associates has an experienced staff, and our establishment has been helping the community for over twenty years. A brief glance at our website will show you that many of our consultations and repairs can be done in as little as twenty-four hours. A few moments of your time can be well worth years of lasting comfort.