How Dentures Can Change The Shape Of Your Mouth

How Dentures Can Change The Shape Of Your MouthAlthough they may be better than they have ever been, dentures are not your natural teeth. As a result, when you have dentures, the shape of your mouth and face may change. Some of these changes are immediate, but other will take more time to develop.

Dentures Can Make For A Positive Change

First, let’s talk about the positive differences dentures can make for your mouth. If you have had bad teeth for a while, the quality of your dentures may be a pleasant surprise. You will find that your face is restored to its youthful proportions and the as a result, you will look younger and healthier than you have probably looked in a long time.

You will probably feel the differences too! Worn teeth or poorly fitted dentures can put your jaw in an uncomfortable position that may cause jaw pain, headaches, and a few other side effects. With a proper fitting and sizing, the additional bulk of dentures will help to create a more youthful fullness to the face, helping to rejuvenate your appearance, and preventing many uncomfortable symptoms.

Dentures Can Have Temporary Negative Changes

When you are able to put in your first set of traditional dentures, you will probably notice that they are different from your natural teeth. Probably what you will notice the most with be how much bigger your dentures feel compared to your natural teeth. They may feel bulky and may even cause you to gag a bit at first, but once you get used to them, you will hardly notice the difference. So if you are having trouble adjusting, understand that it is perfectly normal and to be patience for the time being.

Long-Term Changes To Your Mouth

As much as the initial changes in your mouth can be disruptive, the long-term changes are even more significant. If your dentures do not fit properly, it won’t balance the forces in your mouth can cause rapid resorption of bone in certain areas. Your dentures may even wear out unevenly and may even result in an imbalanced appearance.

However, as long as you make sure to keep up with your dentist appointments, your dentist will ensure that your dentures always fit perfectly. When your dentures are a perfect fit, you can enjoy a more balanced appearance and prevents some uncomfortable side effects.