How Mini Implants Can Improve Your Life With Dentures

How Mini Implants Can Improve Your Life With DenturesWhen you hear mini dental implants, you may be tempted to think of the standard dental implant when a person loses a tooth or two. At Denture Repair LI, however, we know that mini dental implants differ greatly from their full-sized counterparts, and the mini version is actually an excellent solution for those struggling with their dentures. With a mini implant procedure, you won’t have to fuss with adhesives or contraptions anymore, and you’ll be able to really have the confidence you need to eat, speak, and smile whenever you please!

In order to understand how mini implants work, it’s important to learn just what the procedure entails. With mini implants, a few titanium posts will be installed within the jawbone structure under the gums throughout the upper and lower portions of the mouth. These posts will be placed while a patient is sufficiently numbed using a local anesthetic, and this will allow them to sit comfortably throughout the entire procedure without feeling a thing at all. The recovery time needed after having a mini implant procedure preformed is extremely minimal, and any discomfort will be able to be controlled using an over the counter pain reliever.

Now, the interesting part is where the dentures come in! Your current dentures can be altered to accept the mini dental implants, or you can have new dentures fabricated in order to be made to suit the dental implants, but your implants will have small openings lined up with the newly placed posts that allow them to snap on and snap off with ease. When attached to the posts, your dentures won’t budge an inch, and fussing with adhesives or other denture stabilizing solutions will really be a thing of the past! You can eat what you’d like, drink what you’d like, and you’ll never have to worry about the mess that denture adhesives can cause.

With mini dental implants, we find that our patients are thrilled to finally have an opportunity to leave the adhesive behind. The procedure is surprisingly pain-free, and the recovery time is minimal, so you can go home wearing your newly fabricated to suit your implants dentures the same day! If you’re considering mini dental implants to stabilize your dentures, simply call us at Denture Repair LI today to see how this solution can work for you!