How to Fix Loose Dentures: Mini Dental Implants

Many elderly people have dentures when their natural teeth develop problems that are too difficult to fix with fillings and caps. Unfortunately, even though their dentures may fit well when they first get them, they tend to become loose within a few years. This is most often the result of shrinkage of gum tissue; something that normally occurs when all the natural teeth are removed.

Loose dentures are not only an aggravation – the situation makes it difficult for the wearer to speak and eat normally. This can lead to health problems because eating a diet that contains adequate fiber can be difficult. Sometimes people do not wear their dentures unless they are going to be in the public, which makes the problem even worse.

Fixing this problem is much easier these days than it was a decade or so ago because of advances in dental implant technology. The development of mini implants now makes it possible for denture patients to feel secure wearing their dentures. In fact, when dentures are anchored to strategically placed mini-implants, their dentures perform at a level that rivals their natural teeth.

The advantage of mini-dental implants over the larger type is the ease of placement. The small size allows the implant to be placed within just one or possibly two visits to the dentist, and the amount of discomfort is greatly reduced. With the mini-implants in place as an anchor, the dentures can be easily snapped into place and removed for cleaning when needed. In addition, the typical problem of food particles getting caught beneath the denture plate is eliminated because it stays firmly in place.

This latest development in implant technology gives denture wearers an option not available previously. In addition, since placement of the mini-implant requires so few appointments, the cost is considerably less than that of the larger sized original implant.

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