How To Keep Those Dentures Dazzling

How To Keep Those Dentures DazzlingIf you want your dentures to take care of you, you must take care of them. Consistent and proper care will always yield the best results, allowing your dentures to have the longevity you desire.
Removal & Storage
Use your thumb against your front teeth, pushing upward and outward in order to remove your top dentures. For the bottom dentures, simply rock them as you pull on them. Whenever you are removing them, try to keep them over something soft like a towel or a sink full of warm water so they don’t drop and break. Then keep your dentures in a moist environment so they do not become dry or misshapen.
Proper Cleaning
Start with a proper sized toothbrush, one that isn’t too large for your mouth. Be certain that the bristles are not too hard. Brush the dentures, your teeth, gums and natural teeth regularly, removing food and plaque as much as possible. However, never brush too harshly so you won’t damage the plastic or metal of the dentures. Allow your toothbrush to stay dry so that it does not develop bacteria. Rinse your mouth with a warm mouthwash to keep the dentures fresh smelling. At the end of the day soak them in a denture cleaner for routine maintenance.
As suggested by the American College of Prosthodontists, always have your dentures professionally adjusted. Although there are occasions when the fit may no longer be quite right, correct adjustment requires precise and delicate expertise. Attempting to do it yourself may cause extensive harm to your mouth and to your dentures. So if your dentures are not up to par, come to Island Dental Associates or Shine Dental Associates, where we will be happy to make the needed corrections for you. This service includes denture repair or denture relines, with one hundred percent attention to your personal needs.
Make sure that taking care of your dentures is at the top of your health and hygiene priority list by cleaning, storing, and adjusting them properly. In doing so, you will continue to have dentures that are dazzling. Give us a call today!