Hybrid Dentures – Fixed-Removable Dentures

If you have lost all or most of your teeth due to gum disease or tooth decay, there are other solutions available besides regular removable dentures. Implants may help you through supporting a more stable and secure prosthetic replacement for your natural teeth. For denture stabilization, implant placement might be a really good option. Your dentist will need to thoroughly evaluate your medical history, take x-rays and study models of your teeth in order to determine which options are available for your situation. Among the options, there is the hybrid denture, which is a special kind of implant-supported prosthesis. It is called a hybrid since it combines the advantages of removable dentures and a fixed replacement. It is particularly well-suited for people who over time have lost a great deal of jawbone due to having missing teeth.

At least four implants must be placed in the jaw for a hybrid denture, depending on the shape and size of the jawbone. After the implants have healed, they get connected to abutments (or connectors) that get screwed in a metal framework. Hybrid dentures are fixed and don’t have to be removed every day the way that regular dentures do since it is screwed into the implants.

If you wear dentures and have always wanted to have fixed teeth but are not a candidate for or ready to have multiple individual implants for every missing tooth you have, then hybrid dentures might be a great solution for you.

Hybrid dentures, unlike removable dentures, do not have a bulky feel to them. For an upper denture it makes it possible for a denture to be designed by your restorative dentist that will leave the roof of your mouth open. It will feel more natural to you, and also allow you to better enjoy how your food tastes. Hybrid dentures are a lot more stable as well and don’t shift against your jaw ridge. That is because they are anchored firmly into the implants. The stability also helps to avoid getting sore occasionally which can occur under your dentures when certain foods such as seed are trapped beneath. Patients who have hybrid dentures frequently enjoy a broader range of food more comfortably when compared to when they wore removable dentures.

Good oral hygiene, like with any kind of dental replacement, is critical to being successful over the long term. Hybrid dentures are designed so that a space is left in between the jawbone and denture to allow you to easily clean under the denture without needing to remove it. It is recommended that you go see your dentist two times per year, so that your hybrid denture can be unscrewed so that a professional cleaning can be done. Your hybrid denture, just like your body, is subject to continuous wear and tear and might need adjustments or new denture base, screws or components occasionally. Therefore to best enjoy all of the benefits, it is recommended that all suggested recall dentist visit be made.