If you’re missing teeth, you’ve probably already given dentures some thought. They’re a time-tested method for filling in the missing parts of your smile and allowing you to chew, laugh and talk just like you used to. However, the more advanced forms of dentures are dental implants, which most people would prefer. So before you spend money on traditional, temporary dentures, keep reading to find out if you’re a candidate for dental implants.

As opposed to “temporary”’ dentures, which you regularly remove from your mouth (especially at night), dental implants are more of a permanent solution. With some varieties, your dentist will basically be the only one to insert or remove them. That’s because they’re literally anchored to your jaw with metal implants. So if you wish to be a candidate for this model, you’ll need to square yourself with oral surgery.

Seeing as how dental implants are installed into your jaw, you’re going to need sufficient bone in the mandible for the dentures to be anchored in. This isn’t always a possibility for people, especially those who may have suffered from periodontal disease for a prolonged period of time.

Don’t give up though solely because you may be missing part of your jaw. Recent advancements in technology have resulted in smaller implants that can make use out of smaller-than-average jaws. See your dentist to find out if it’s possible for you.

However, if your teeth, gums or bones are currently suffering from periodontal disease or some other ailment, you can’t possibly undergo surgery for dental implants at the moment. That disease needs to be addressed first before any dentist would consider the surgery for you. The same goes for other forms of disease or even recent surgeries. This kind of health history could make oral surgery an unsafe gamble at this time.

Lastly, dental implants are usually not recommended for smokers or those who abuse alcohol. These chemicals don’t make for healthy mouths, which mean the implant could be rejected. This will leave you with less money, no teeth and further health issues you’ll now need to address.

The good news is that almost everyone out there who needs dentures is a candidate for dental implants. Those who currently aren’t probably could be with the right advice from a dentist. Dental implants are so far superior to the alternative that it’s well worth waiting or working for the opportunity to receive them.