Immediate Dentures and What You Should Know

Immediate Dentures and What You Should KnowImmediate dentures are either partial or complete dentures that can be inserted on the same day immediately following the removal of the natural teeth. Immediate dentures are often considered transitional or practice dentures. They are helpful in assisting the patient with learning how to function with a set of dentures and will help them learn how to talk and eat comfortably.

They are also done the same day so that the patient will not have to go days or months with missing teeth. Typically, it takes the bones and the gums up to six months to heal after natural teeth are removed, and during this healing process, you can receive immediate dentures to get you through until you can receive your permanent set.

It is important to note that as time goes on, the immediate dentures will become loose. It is important that you follow the care instructions carefully and keep them clean and taken care of. It is also necessary that you see your dentist for any adjustments that may be needed during the time you are wearing them.

About six months later you will be ready to revisit the dentist and begin to get your impressions done for your permanent dentures.

Benefits of Immediate Dentures

  • Immediate dentures can serve as a bandage during the healing process and can even help reduce bleeding
  • They allow you to practice eating and talking and allow you time to transition from your old mouth to your new smile
  • They will help maintain the form and arrangement of your mouth and will keep any natural teeth you have left in place and prevent them from shifting until you can get your permanent dentures fitted
  • You can begin to adopt better oral habits and get into the practice and routine of caring for your new smile and will be better prepared when you receive your permanent dentures

Having an onsite lab makes immediate dentures possible, and they can also do same day repairs and relines if needed. Island Dental in Franklin Square in Long Island, New York has a state of the art lab that can help provide each patient with timely and innovative procedures without having to wait.