Is Your Mouth Making You Sick?

Is Your Mouth Making You Sick?Have you been taking care of your teeth? At both Island Dental Associates and Shine Dental Associates, located here in Franklin Square on Long Island, we care about your teeth. We want them to be at their best so that you can be at your best. Even if that means obtaining dentures to camouflage past neglect.

Many people do not realize that oral health and hygiene are directly related to other elements of wellness. Since issues in your mouth are connected to issues in the rest of your body, we want to help you protect your overall health. For instance, bacteria can build up on the teeth and cause infection which can then spread to other parts of the body. In time the infection will get worse, eating away at the gums, causing tooth decay and eventually, tooth loss.

Poor dental health can also affect heart disease and diabetes. Inflammation in the mouth may cause inflammation in the blood vessels, contributing to the development of heart disease. Similarly, inflammation in the mouth wreaks havoc on the body’s ability to use insulin, potentially becoming a relevant factor in diabetes.

You may ask how you can avoid these issues. Brushing and flossing are very important elements in the prevention process. However, this does not substitute the need for seeing your dental practitioner for regular evaluations and treatments. When you entrust us with your care, you will not only be examined, but you will be able to ask any questions you may have concerning your oral health and/or hygiene.

If you have severe oral issues due to years of misinformation or neglect, we at Island Dental Associates and Shine Dental Associates, will remedy them. Likewise, if you have teeth that are missing or damaged, we can replace them as well. We are experienced in dentures and denture repair, including partial, full, and permanent dentures. So call for an appointment today!