Jump In Line For Your Denture Reline

Jump In Line For Your Denture Reline As time passes, your jawline and teeth will shift. The result is dentures that do not fit properly. Your dentist should be able to reline dentures, ensuring your dentures fit properly and perform like they are intended to! Denture relining is an affordable procedure that reshapes the lining, or underside, of your denture.

Do You Need A Relining?

There are two ways to know if you need to reline your dentures. The first is feel – over time, you may notice that your dentures are not comfortable.  You may be able to feel them slipping, sliding, or grinding inside your mouth. Noticing a general discomfort is ok, and is a sign you may need to reline dentures. The second is by visiting your dentist on a routine basis. By performing annual checkups, your dentist can check to see if your dentures are fitting properly. By catching the problem early, your dentist should be able to perform a simple procedure that will reline your dentures. If your mouth changes shape enough and you do not take action, you may be forced to order an entirely new set of dentures. Routine checkups with your dentist are a great way to monitor whether your dentist needs to adjust the lining of your dentures.

A Soft Reline

Your dentist may recommend a soft reline if your gums are tender, or you are experiencing soreness. The weight of your dentures could likely be irritating your gums, a problem that can be alleviated by a soft reline. Soft reline dentures use a more pliable material with a lifespan of a couple years before replacement. The soft material is more forgiving than hard acrylic and will result in less shifting. The procedure for a soft reline is quick and guarantees a comfortable fit.

A Hard Reline

A hard reline will recreate the base of your denture using materials similar to the original hardened denture base. It is a more permanent reline option a soft reline. Your dental expert will recommend which reline is best for you.

A Temporary Reline

If you do not visit your dentist routinely, then your misalignment dentures may develop into a serious problem. Your gums and other parts of your mouth may be severely irritated or swollen, which makes it difficult to obtain accurate impressions for your relined dentures. A temporary reline could be issued, which would give time for the irritation to subside. It causes your original dentures to fit more tightly while allowing the inflammation in your gums to dissipate.