Keeping your Dentures Clean

Keeping your Dentures CleanCleaning and taking care of your dentures are the two most important things you can do to keep them looking their absolute best. Caring for your dentures will also help increase their longevity, sustain their white aesthetic, and will continue to provide you with a shining smile for years to come.

Denture Maintenance

Staining is one of the most common problems that denture owners face. Just like with your natural teeth, certain foods and drinks can cause stains on the surface of the dentures and can even begin to accumulate plaque on the surface of the dentures or even at the base of the dentures.

Plaque generally takes up to twenty-four hours to begin to accumulate on teeth and dentures, so it is important to remove it before another day has passed. If it is immediately removed than the risk of staining will be reduced, and fewer deposits will be able to form on the dentures.

Dentures should be taken out at least two times in a twenty-four-hour period so that they can be cleaned. If the plaque has the time to build up then the longer it is there, the harder it will be to remove without damaging the surface of the dentures.

Many different commercial cleaners are available to safely and effectively clean dentures. It is recommended to find a nonabrasive cleaner that will not score the surface of the teeth. Once you have cleaned the dentures, they should have a squeaky-clean feel, rather than a smooth and slippery feel.

If you find plaque or calcium has built up then using a medium to hard brush and an acid such as white vinegar can effectively help to remove the build-up. Denture cleansers that contain more oxidizing properties will be more effective when it comes to removing calcium deposits.

If you find that the cleaning you are performing at home is not sufficient and is not removing all the build-up you are seeing on the dentures; then it may be time to schedule a professional cleaning. The dentist can help restore the dentures to their original look and can offer tips and advice on how to effectively clean them at home to help avoid the build-up and stains from happening again.