Knowing Your Denture Options

Knowing yourYour smile matters – often much more than many realize. Having a healthy smile means improved confidence, better self-esteem, better ability to have a positive impression on others, and an easier time eating your favorite foods. And while regular care can help tremendously, there may come a time when you end up losing teeth for one reason or another. And in many cases, replacing those teeth is important. At Island Dental Associates, we offer a variety of different choices when you have lost a tooth. But finding the right one for you and your specific situation is important. There are numerous things to consider, and several options. Here are the primary ones to consider.

Partial DenturesThese are an option for those missing a couple of lost teeth. Whether the teeth are beside one another, multiple lost teeth, or teeth on either side of the mouth, partial dentures are used for those with remaining teeth and will fill the spaces left behind by the lost ones. Often, existing teeth may be used as an anchor point for the partial though this isn’t always the case.

Complete DenturesComplete dentures are the kind that most are familiar with. These are the full sets of dentures used to replace all the teeth one should have but have lost. Usually, these are attached with a special type of adhesive that glues the dentures into place.

Permanent DenturesThese are usually used when a single tooth needs to be replaced, or two or three teeth in random locations in the mouth. They’re commonly done using dental implants and are a permanent solution that many have begun to utilize.

BridgeA bridge is similar to a partial, and is used when specific sets of teeth are missing. Usually, it’s used to attach three teeth, placing a single false tooth between two existing ones.

The attachment methods for the options above vary depending on the situation, but today many have turned to the use of dental implants to provide a permanent solution to the problem. By setting titanium posts into the mouth it’s possible to attach some dentures permanently and give patients a result that is so close to the real thing that they forget they even have dentures in their mouth.

You’ll need to talk to a dental professional to figure out which of the options is the right one for you and to learn more about each choice. If you are missing teeth and are ready to get help with the issue, don’t hesitate to contact us today to learn more about all of your options.