Learning to Adjust to your New Dentures

Professional Dentist OfficeAcquiring dentures for the first time will most certainly be a little nerve wracking, especially when it comes to getting used to the dentures and learning how to chew and talk with them. It may feel foreign at first, but there are a few things you can do to get used to them and become more accustomed to doing things with them.

It takes time to get used to new dentures, so initially, they will feel uncomfortable. However, this will improve as time goes on and you have the time to practice.

Eating Habits

You may want to begin your journey by eating only soft foods until you can get used to them. It is also recommended that you remove them for short durations of time so that you can rest your mouth when able.

Set Positive and Realistic Goals and Expectations

Don’t think you will get used to your new dentures right away. There is definitely going to be an amount of adjustment that will need to take place, and it is normal to feel uncomfortable and even overwhelmed at times. Just remember, that these feelings will not last forever and it is important to take it one day at a time. You will soon be more accustomed to doing activities such as eating and talking differently, and you will also realize that they are actually alleviating any previous discomfort you had been feeling prior to receiving the dentures.

Follow your Post Extraction Plan

If you had to have your natural teeth removed for full dentures, then it is important that you follow your post extraction plan given to you by your dentist. Your mouth will be sore following the procedure and since you are healing it may take a little more time to grow accustomed to the dentures, whether they are full or partial.

The dentures will begin to shift over time as they fit over your gum line so it is important that you go to all of your follow up appointments so that your progress can be monitored and any and all adjustments can be made to make everything more comfortable for you.

Following a good oral hygiene plan is also recommended so you can experience an adequate healing time so that you can begin to feel as bright and as confident as your new smile.