Leave Denture Repair to Us!

Leave Denture Repair to Us!Every denture wearer knows how important it is to handle your dentures with care. They represent a big investment in your looks, confidence and convenience, and to protect that investment, it’s necessary to follow all instructions and treat them gently.

But sometimes accidents happen, no matter how careful you are. Dentures get dropped, stepped on, or otherwise compromised on a regular basis. When this happens, their functionality is greatly reduced, sometimes to the point where they can’t be used at all. Going without dentures when you’ve become accustomed to wearing them disrupts your life in ways you can scarcely imagine.

A lot of companies advertise “home denture repair kits” that you can buy at your local drug store. Most of these consist of some sort of bonding or adhesive product with a set of wire fasteners intended for a denture wearer to perform emergency repair on a broken set of false teeth. Many of these come with a warning, usually in very small print, that the product is only for temporary repair, and is not intended to replace a visit to your dentist in the event that your dentures should break.

However, many people find themselves tempted to save a little money by going without professional denture repair services. They make emergency repairs with one of these kits and then never make it into the dentist’s office for a full repair. Unfortunately, this can result in further damage, requiring even more extensive repairs down the road. And even worse, broken dentures that have not been properly repaired can damage the mouth, causing injury and discomfort.

If your dentures fall victim to a breakage event, it’s important that you come to see us in our offices as soon as possible. We offer fast, professional repair services in Long Island with results as good as new . We know it’s traumatic when your dentures break, and we’ll work with you to provide a timely, cost-effective solution. Your dentures are an important part of your quality of life. When they need repairs, don’t delay!