Little Known Facts Can Equal Long Term Issues

Little Known Facts Can Equal Long Term IssuesMany people in our society have full or partial tooth replacement. This can include partial bridges that replace a segment of teeth within the mouth, a complete palate of upper or lower teeth, and even a set of dentures that is a full replication for both the upper and lower jaw dentition. Each of these types of dentures will take a different amount of wear from usage, not just from the eating habits of the individual, but also based on the nature of the type of structure they are.

It is not always common knowledge that any type of denture does not age the same way as natural teeth. While these replacements are not made of living tissue and enamel, they may still be affected by food substances and require that proper hygiene is maintained.

Considerations such as staining are certainly a factor, and while dentures cannot get cavities like natural teeth, they can still be worn down by the acids and sugars in foods. This is particularly true for individuals who drink high phosphate beverages such as sodas, as this can have a scouring effect on both the porcelain and the acrylic that is used in dentures.

As the substrate of the dentures deteriorates, this could lead to a poor fit, or cracking and fracture of the artificial teeth. Many people are concerned that when this happens, it means that they will need to go in for a whole new set of dentures. Repair processes are quite common, and when damage is addressed early, it becomes a far simpler issue to resolve.

Denture Repairs And Simple Maintenance

Catching problems with damage, wear, and fit can be fairly easy, and denture wearers will need to take a little time about once a month in order to ensure that they get the full benefit of appliances. Most of this is as simple as a quick examination that can be made of the full or partial dentures as well as the mouth, with some basic concerns to look for.

• Cracks and crazing on the tooth exterior.
• Uneven wear patterns on crowns and biting edges.
• Loose seating of teeth within the acrylic substrate.
• Uneven discoloration across the tooth surface.
• Cracking in the acrylic substrate of the palate or bridge material.
• Bent wires on a bridge.
• Looseness or damage of natural teeth surrounding a partial denture.
• Excessive bleeding from the gums or gum recession when dentures are removed.

A Quick Fix Is a Good Fix

Any of these minor observations can create long term problems, but they do not need to so long as they are dealt with swiftly. Shine Dental Associates and Island Dental Associates both offer immediate services that can help you determine your need for relining or repair, and also make sure that it is handles quickly. Our staff has the experience and the dedication to take a look at full and partial dentures that are of concern, and determine the fastest way to get you back to your normal lifestyle.

We are able to do on the spot repairs, but we can also help you with fabrication of new dentures should this be your need. Our website covers some of the services we provide to the Long Island area, and you can visit us for a consultation to talk about your personal dental concerns. Instead of putting up with discomfort, you can experience the freed on that well made and well maintained dentures can give you.