Whether you’re missing a tooth or all 32 of them, you should know that dentures are an option for getting your smile back immediately. Today, dentures come in all shapes and sizes and achieve their desired look in almost as many ways. Perhaps the best option for everyone, though, is mini dental implants.

Traditionally, dentures rested on top of your gums, held in place only by an adhesive of some sort, if that. Thanks to mini dental implants, though, those days are long gone. Now you can have your new teeth attached to your mouth much the same way the original ones were. The result is a more authentic look that feels better and is easier to control.

The metal of choice for mini dental implants is usually titanium. For a full row of teeth, four of these are generally screwed into your mandible through the gums. Just the smallest amount of the metal is left showing. If you only need a single tooth, only one would be used.

This remaining metal is then used to attach to the dentures. There are a number of ways this works. Sometimes it’s a ball and joint-like mechanism, other times it’s magnetism. The important thing is that your dentures snap into place, flush with your gums, and don’t move afterward. For this reason, mini dental implants are considered “permanent” dentures.

If you’re missing much of your jawbone because of periodontal disease or some other issue, the good news is that mini dental implants can still find a home in your mandible a lot o the time. So don’t give up on the idea of superior dentures simply because you have issues with that area of the mouth (if you are still suffering from disease, however, that will need to be addressed first).

With mini dental implants, your dentures won’t shift or slide throughout the day when you’re talking, chewing, laughing, or yawning. This makes all these functions so much easier, especially because you have the confidence to commit to them. Sitting flush to your gums also means no food particles will sneak between your dentures and gums, a frequent problem many other people have to deal with.

So if you need dentures, but are dreading all the work you fear goes with using them, talk to your dentist about mini dental implants. You’ll still need to maintain them properly, but mini dental implants will definitely make life a lot easier.