Natural Beauty And Confidence

Natural Beauty And ConfidenceOne of the biggest concerns for many people who wear full or partial dentures is slippage. In some cases, this worry may be one that impedes confidence, as having a bridge come loose or dentures come out while in public can be an embarrassment. Other people are more troubled about getting food particles stuck between the gums and the dentures, as this can cause irritation, pain, and even infection.

Well fitting dentures help to maintain quality of life and emotional confidence, and should not be an occasional luxury. The reasons for slippage can be varied, but rectifying this situation is actually simpler than most people realize.

Easy Adjustments

At Island Dental Associates and Shine Dental Associates, the staff in our Long Island offices will often counsel clients as to the best remedy for their particular issues with denture slippage. For some of our clients, the answer is as simple as a re-fabrication of the full dentures or a relining. This can be necessary if the original set of dentures is older and has experienced some wear, but can also be due to natural shifts that occur in the bones of the palate, and thus cause the dentures to unseat themselves.

In these cases, our office lab is able to repair or recreate the prosthetics on the spot. Clients can then enjoy a better fitting set of dentures on the same day, and walk out of the office with a better smile and more confidence. When people are aware of how fast it can be to ameliorate this issue, they are also able to better judge when it is time to come in for an adjustment.

Permanent Fixes

Some of our clients do suffer from gum diseases and bone deterioration which can make a lasting fit for dentures more of a challenge. This will often be due to the sensitivity that is experienced in the soft tissue of the mouth, and the constantly changing bone structure. However, that does not mean that these client need to just put up with slippage.

Often, these patients will opt for the use of mini-dental implants, which create a permanent setting for the dentures within the palate. This not only reduces the slippage, but will also result in a more natural fit, appearance, and speech pattern. In many cases, the implantation and temporary dentures can also occur on the same day, resulting in a fast solution that is also lasting.

Making Choices

Dentures wearers on Long Island who have had issues with the fit and comfort of their dentures can feel free to visit our website and book a consultation to discuss the options that will suit them best. Regardless of the route that is chose, the results will still be a comfortable and natural looking smile that inspires confidence and wellbeing.