Nothing To Fear But Fear Itself

Nothing To Fear But Fear ItselfYou’ve put it off for a while now.  You’ve ignored the pain, the discomfort.  You’ve said that you’ll see a dentist eventually, but eventually keeps getting further and further away.  Your friends notice that you no longer want to go out socially, and you’ve stopped smiling.  You’ve even gone out of your way to avoid foods that you used to love just because you can’t chew them properly anymore.  Isn’t it time that you admit that you need dentures?

Why Not?

People avoid going to the dentist to discuss their tooth-replacement options for many reasons, the number one being fear.  There are a lot of preconceived notions about dentists.  People fear the unknown and they have assumed ideas.  For one, they are unsure just how much work will need to be done.  Maybe they fear that all of their teeth will need to be pulled out; and even worse, they fear that maybe they won’t be able to get fitted for anything to replace them!  They fear that the dental office will be a cold and sterile place, with a staff of masked marauders who love cruel and unusual punishment, like the way dentists are portrayed in horror films.  While these may be over-exaggerations, it’s amazing what we can come up with when we are in fear of taking care of ourselves!

Fear Not!

At Shine Dental and Island Dental Associates, we are as far from a horror movie as possible! Our friendly staff prides themselves on their concern for you; you’re more than just a patient to us, you’re a person. We want you to feel as comfortable with us as you would with a friend.  Our state-of-the-art facility has cable televisions in every room to give you something to focus on and take your mind off your procedure while you wait.  Plus, we offer nitrous oxide and sedation for those whose nerves are just a little too shaky.  Even if you do need to have some of your existing teeth pulled, you’ll always get a good fit.  With our on-site lab, full fabrications can be customized and fitted in one day; we’ll never leave you completely toothless.  We don’t want anyone to ever be afraid of getting the proper care.

Home Bound

Are you afraid of leaving the house?  Maybe you don’t drive anymore, or you just don’t want to face people. For those who are home bound, in a hospital, or an assisted living facility, and can’t come to us, fear not; we’ll come to you.  Yes, we make house calls!  Just because you don’t get out doesn’t mean that you don’t deserve to have a great smile.

Everything changes when your teeth are restored.  Dentures will help you speak better, eat better, and give you an overall sense of comfort.  The only fear is fear of letting go of your assumptions and thoughts about dentistry.  Call us, come and see us, but please don’t put it off any longer.  Let us help you overcome the fear, one tooth at a time.