Out, Out, You Stain!

Out, Out, You Stain!Having a great looking smile really can improve a person’s outlook on life. From one perspective, showing off beautiful white teeth can certainly boost self esteem, but the actual act of smiling can impact the person doing it and the people around them. Smiles really can be contagious in a social setting, but from a personal standpoint, the neural networks that are engaged when a person smiles will also further encourage those same networks to be used more frequently.

This action helps to elevate mood through the release of certain neurotransmitters, so self esteem is bolstered from another angle as well. Of course, socially, we have all found that the more we smile, the better we are able to connect with others. Although this can highly relate to personal life, it can also become a strong benefit in most professional settings.

With so much riding on a smile, we find that it is very important that people also feel comfortable with this action. At Island Dental Associates in Franklin and Shine Dental Associates in Syosset, we often encounter situations where clients need juts a bit of help to feel happy in smiling again.

Common Conditions

The most frequently encountered issue that we see with clients who want to improve their smile is discoloration of the teeth. While OTC whitening methods are available, we find that these are much more applicable for maintenance after a professional whitening with cosmetic dentistry. This is mainly due to the fact that discolorations can have different layers and causes, which general OTC whitening does not address.

The first issue that needs to be looked at in this type of cosmetic dentistry is how deep the stains run. Surface stains can be lightly abraded, but many clients with severe discoloration have stains that run far into the pulp. In order to safely address this, techniques that use a combination of UV light and whiteners are employed, as tooth and gum health is just as important as a pleasant appearance.

Another major issue in discoloration can come from any old surface fillings or bridges and partial dentures. In these cases, the fabricated teeth or surface fillings will stain at a different rate and level than the regular enamel of the teeth. As a result, whitening may include regular cosmetic procedures, as well as re-fabrication of dental work. Again, in understanding how and where these stains form in the tooth, we can also find the best solution for improving a smile.

Regardless of the level of discoloration, or any adjunct dental work that is present, Long Island residents are encouraged to contact Island Dental Associates in Franklin or Shine Dental Associates in Syosset, to have their smile evaluated for a solution to the best presentation. Taking action to improve your smile now can also mean years of health and happiness ahead.