Partial Dentures Vs Complete Dentures – Important Information You Need To Know

A good smile starts with healthy, strong, well structured teeth. However, in many unfortunate situations such as injury and tooth decay, people wind up having broken and/or missing teeth.

Truthfully, fractured or missing teeth can be very embarrassing, and to avoid the embarrassment, people with broken teeth or missing teeth wind up hiding their normal smiles. Dentures have fortunately existed for a long time and dentists have been using them to give their patients more confident smiles in addition to helping them maintain their dental health and oral hygiene.

That is why dentures are used for replacing lost teeth. There are referred to commonly as false teeth. Dentures are basically prosthetic devices that professionals use to restore the dental structure of a patient to enhance their oral cavity overall Many patients over the years have gotten their oral cavities corrected either through getting partial or full dentures.

So what are the differences between partial and complete dentures? Partial dentures, as suggested by the name, are dentures used for partially filling in gaps that are left by several or one missing tooth. On the other hand, full dentures are artificial teeth used for replacing multiple missing teeth either from the upper jaw or the lower jaw. These types of dentures are the most complicated and hardest to install, since there isn’t anything for them to hold onto, unlike partial dentures.

Benefits of Partial and Complete Dentures

– The most important benefit that dentures provide is they restore your teeth’s normal functioning. Your new teeth will feel and look much better for that very reasons, since dentures are well-known for having a more natural appearance.

– Individuals have made a fuss about dentures not being comfortable. However, new materials are being introduced, due to advanced technology, which are being used for making improved and new dentures.

– Dentures offer the advantage of making improvements to the patient’s appearance. Dentures will actually make you look much younger than you really are, believe it or not. The truth is, major facial changes can be caused by tooth loss that may make you appear old. Fortunately with dentures, that can be reversed and you will regain more defined and sharper cheek bones.

– When it comes to dentures, they provide you with improved abilities for biting and chewing food. When you are suffering from either broken teeth or missing teeth, it can drastically change your eating habits. You will wind up eating less food since the entire process becomes very draining and hectic. Fortunately, you can return to chewing and eating like you did in the past by either getting partial or full dentures.

– Finally, you can remove your dentures to properly brush and clean them. All of this means that the best solution to use for missing teeth are dentures since they help to improve your oral hygiene.