Permanent Dentures And What You Need To Know About Them

Permanent Dentures And What You Need To Know About ThemIf you do a quick online search using “permanent dentures” as your keywords, you’ll see that Google reveals over 2 million results. Dentists usually don’t use this term, as there are a number of definitions involved. The term “permanent” oftentimes means “fixed within the mouth.” It can also be used to describe those dentures that cannot be taken out of the mouth or are temporary.

The Long Island offices of Island Dental Associates in Franklin Square and Shine Dental Associates in Syosset offer a type of permanent dentures that are effective for replacing a single tooth. However, we also feel that there are certain aspects to know about including the ones listed here:

First and foremost, permanent dentures are not just designed for seniors and the elderly – they are used to replace your natural teeth whether poor oral conditions exist or they were lost as the result of an injury.

Be sure you remove them daily – your permanent dentures were not designed to be in your mouth 24/7/365. So it is recommended that you remove them for at least 6 hours every day.

Even though they are referred to as permanent, they will not last a lifetime – as will your former dentures, you need to have your permanent ones checked regularly, especially if they click, slip, or whistle.

Permanent dentures are more affordable than implants – furthermore, only a few visits to the dentist may be required. During your first appointment, our dentists will assess how healthy your oral tissues are and impressions of your mouth will be taken to start the process. You can talk with one of our specialists to learn more about this.

You will have to adjust to your permanent dentures – although your missing teeth will be replaced with the permanent denture process, they will still take some getting used to. However, only you will know that these are not your real teeth. Even if you have been wearing dentures for several years, you will need to adjust to your permanent dentures.

Island Dental Associates or Shine Dental Associates can evaluate your oral health in order to determine whether or not you are a candidate for permanent dentures. We also have an on-site lab so you can literally leave with your teeth the same day. If you are interested in this procedure, we urge you to contact us.