Proper Denture Care For Your Holiday Travels

Proper Denture Care For Your Holiday TravelsWith the holidays here, many of us are traveling to spend time with our families. Other may even be traveling to add something extra special to our holiday experience. However, when you’re traveling with dentures, there are a few things you need to consider.

Take A Pot With You

This is probably are strangest sounding tip, but hear us out! It is crucial that your dentures stay moist at all times. At home, this usually means simply putting them in a cup of cleanser in your bathroom. However, you’re treading unfamiliar territory when you travel. Even if you’re only staying at a family member’s home, you can’t be sure that your dentures will have somewhere safe to stay or that you’ll be able to privately put.

By bringing a good pot, you can continue your overnight cleansing in something that is a lot harder to knock down or tip over. A pot also keeps your dentures more private in case there are little kids with grabby fingers around.

Clean Your Teeth Over A Towel Or Basin Of Water

Since you’re not in a familiar area, you want to be extra careful with the set you have. It won’t be so easy to call up an unfamiliar dentist over the holidays for a denture repair. By having a towel or basin of water under your dentures every time your cleaning them, you ensure that they will be cushioned if you drop them and less likely to be damaged.

Beware Of The Dog

You may end up spending a lot of your holiday season around a dog or other playful pet. Now these pets don’t mean any harm to you or your dentures. However, your dentures may end up becoming their favorite chew toy if you’re not careful. Again this is why you brought a good pot, hopefully one with a fastening lid, in order to keep them safe from the family dog.

Bring A Spare Set

The holidays are unpredictable, so the best thing you can do to prepare is bring a spare pair. So before you drive off to see your family, talk to your dentist about having a backup. If you have an old set lying around, see if you can have them repaired or relined so that you can be ready for anything.