Reasons Not To Attempt A Do-It-Yourself Denture Reline

Reasons Not To Attempt A Do-It-Yourself Denture RelineTemptations seem to be everywhere in modern society. Advancements in technology have given us the ability to research, and purchase, products more conveniently than ever. From electronics and gadgets to smaller items like denture reline kits, the possibilities go on and on. However, when dealing with something as important as your teeth, bite, and overall health, should you use one of these over the counter denture reline kits?

Your Dentures Could Lose Their Aesthetic Appeal

Many denture wearers enjoy flashing their beautiful smiles for selfies, and various other reasons. Replacing broken, missing, and unappealing teeth with dentures helps build confidence and self-esteem. Without professional assistance, dentures can sit crookedly, off-center, or in another unattractive way. The inconspicuous, gorgeous look that you have worked so hard to build can fly right out of the window in a matter of minutes.

Applying too much of the new liner, to your dentures, can result in lips, or other facial skin, appearing to bulge or protrude. Staring at yourself, in the mirror, can leave you wondering who the other person looking back at you is. These soft liners are great for getting you out of a pinch temporarily, but a follow-up should be made with your dentist to ensure that the initial problem is corrected, and in a way that does not affect your appearance.

Harsh Smelling And Tasting Chemicals

The smell and taste, often associated with an at home denture reline kit, may cause you to feel sick or nauseated. The chemicals have a strong and unappealing aroma that most consumers do not enjoy. They taste bad, and there is a possibility that they will cause your gums, tongue, or cheeks to tingle with uncomfortable sensations. You must hold your bite in the desired position for an extended amount of time to ensure a proper fit, and the taste lingers on, even after your dentures are cleaned properly.

An On The Premises Dental Lab Can Help

Our dental office and lab are conveniently located in Franklin Square. What does that mean for you? In minimal time, we can have your dentures relined, in the correct position, and without having to send them off to another location. That means that you do not have to do without your teeth, for an extended amount of time, allowing you to get back to eating, socializing, and smiling without worrying about slipping dentures.