Reasons Why You Should Fix Loose Dentures

Reasons Why You Should Fix Loose DenturesAfter teeth become pulled and roots get removed from the socket, there is nothing left to stimulate the gums or promote bone growth. The action does not seem like too big of a deal to denture wearers at the time. However, fast forward to around 7-years later, and they will likely be singing another tune. As facial features start to change, and gums begin receding, the artificial teeth often become loose fitting.

There are over the counter reline kits available to fix loose dentures. Unfortunately, the do-it-yourself method does not always work out though. In fact, it is possible for the teeth to fit even worse than when you began the process. Plus, the solution and powder mix produce an unpleasant smell, which turns into a bad taste when the dentures are placed in the mouth. Avoid these unfortunate situations by allowing our technicians to reline, repair, or fabricate a new set of dentures.

A Nightmare Scenario When Loose Dentures Are Left As Is

Imagine for a moment that you and a significant other are out at your favorite restaurant enjoying a meal. After attempting to take a big bite out of corn on the cob, or a piece of meat, the denture slips out of place. If you are lucky, no one will notice, but in most cases, the person sitting next to you, waiters, and even other patrons are likely to see the incident. The entire evening can go from great to a nightmare in mere seconds.

Fix loose dentures to prevent yourself from having to go through these kinds of embarrassing mishaps. Aside from the awkwardness, the event can cause other problems too. For instance, if the false teeth land just right in the mouth, they can lacerate the tongue, cheeks, gums, or possibly even the lips. When the denture slips, it can also hit against existing natural teeth, which may cause them to crack or break. Luckily, people can avoid such fates by visiting our on-site dental lab.

Let The Professionals Fix Loose Dentures

Don’t rely on adhesives or sticky pads to hold the dentures firmly in place. Instead, allow our professionals to make them fit comfortably and like new again. Thanks to the on-site dental lab, and the many sizes and shapes of teeth that are kept in stock, most patients get their teeth back within only a few hours. The problem will not repair itself, so don’t delay any longer. Instead, schedule an appointment today to fix loose dentures.