Restoring your Smile with Dentures

Restoring your Smile with DenturesDentures are a way you can restore your missing smile if you have lost your natural teeth due to periodontal disease, tooth decay, or some other injury or trauma to the mouth. While replacing these missing teeth will restore your beautiful smile, they will also benefit your overall health and happiness as well.

What are Dentures?

Dentures are basically a removable replacement for your natural teeth and can come in different forms including partial or complete dentures. Complete dentures are for when you are missing all of your teeth, while partial dentures can replace a few missing teeth when you still have natural teeth remaining.

No matter what type of dentures you are planning to get, each will be fitted and specifically designed for your mouth. Partial dentures can also be matched to blend in with your existing natural teeth.

What are Dentures Made From?

Dentures have typically been made from plastic or porcelain materials, lately however, they are also made from a hard resin. These materials can actually be more fragile than natural teeth which is why it is so important that they are taken care of, so they do not chip, break, or wear down. There is also a polymer material that is even more flexible than the previous options and can better fit along the natural gum line.

Health Benefits of Dentures

Dentures will award you that wonderful smile and provide you with that boost of confidence you need. They will help improve your appearance and will also help keep the overall structure of your mouth intact.

Dentures also allow you to eat the foods you love so that you do not have to change your diet to accommodate for sensitive or missing teeth. Finally, dentures can even help you look younger. When you have experienced tooth loss, then your face may appear more sunken because the structure of your mouth is suffering. Dentures can fix the structure of the mouth and provide you with the shape and definition that you need.

If you are ready to discuss your options, contact Island Dental for your free consultation and more information on affordable, same day dentures. With a full-service dental lab on the premises, they can assure you of a quick turnaround and can begin to help improve your smile from day one.