Endodontics is the dental specialty that deals with the study and treatment of the dental pulp. The endodontists at Island Dental Associates perform a variety of procedures including endodontic therapy, which is commonly referred to as “root canal therapy“, endodontic retreatment, surgery, treating cracked teeth, and treating dental trauma.

Root canal therapy is one of the most common endodontic procedures and is done when a tooth is too decayed or dying. In these cases we use root canal treatment to prevent infection or have an existing infection spread to other teeth. During root canal we remove the nerve tissue and fill the pulp cavity.

This procedure is done to save people from losing teeth from infections and abscesses.

Root Canals relieve tooth pain, stop infections, and aid in the healing process. It’s a same day treatment and it is a simple and painless procedure.

Receiving regular checkups can help improve your dental health and prevent major problems from developing.

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