Same Day Denture Relines And Repairs

Same Day Denture Relines And RepairsAt Island Dental Associates in Franklin Square and Shine Dental Associates in Syosset, we offer a comprehensive line of denture repair services including denture relines. So anytime you have problems with your full or partial dentures we can correct them so that you can get back to your schedule with little or no interruption to your daily life. There are a number of different repairs that we can perform in our on-site denture lab including:

  • adding a new tooth if you lose one of your permanent ones
  • adding or moving a clasp
  • addition or replacement of parts such as broken acrylic flanges
  • changing and replacing chipped or missing denture teeth
  • repairing cracks

The most common forms of denture repair focus on breakage that occurs if you drop your dentures while cleaning them or if one of your denture teeth has a crack in it. Whether it involves minor or major damage to your dentures, we have the ability to repair your dentures the very same day.

The common misconception is that dentures will last a lifetime. Although this is not the case, their longevity is attributed to how well you care for them and the quality of the dentures that were fabricated for you. Consequently, if you drop them while you are cleaning them or you don’t clean them that well, it will shorten their lifespan. You’ll be getting them repaired too often and eventually have to replace them altogether which is going to cost you time and money in the long run.

One of the more common forms of denture repair is denture relines. A reline is basically a material that is used to line the denture where it comes into contact with the gum tissue. When you first get your dentures, it is not uncommon to experience some discomfort and pain because of how they rub the gum tissue and surrounding skin. This usually improves over time while you are adjusting to your new teeth. There are basically 4 types of relines:

  • permanent hard reline
  • permanent soft reline
  • temporary rigid reline
  • temporary soft reline

We offer two denture reline and other repair options for our Long Island patients at our Franklin Square and Syosset facilities. In most cases, and unless there is major repair work to be done, we can do this in-house the same day. So call us today and schedule an appointment for us to evaluate your dentures and recommend a reline or repair option for you.