Same Day Dentures Ensure That Patients Don’t Have To Go Without Their Teeth

 Same Day Dentures Ensure That Patients Don't Have To Go Without Their TeethGum disease, poor dental hygiene, genetics, accidents, and many other factors attribute to people losing teeth in the modern world. Brushing and flossing eliminate bacteria and prevent decay from setting in, but sometimes, things just happen, irreparable tooth damage occurs, and the individual ends up needing multiple extractions. There are many options available today for combating such effects like implants or dentures, but failing to do anything about the problem could result in other issues arising. For instance, a jagged, sharp, and broken tooth can lacerate the gums, cheeks, or even the tongue. Additionally, when one or more teeth are missing, a person’s bite may become misaligned, which often makes simple tasks like chewing and talking difficult.

When Going Without Teeth Is Not An Option

Dentures have been around for years, but thanks to technological and dental advancements, they are now more comfortable than ever to wear. Of course, the manufacturing process plays a role in achieving this classification, so choose the institution that you use wisely to get the best bang for your buck. Many dentists outsource the fabrication of devices to off-site laboratories. While not always a very big deal for everyone, for people that are self-conscious about their appearance, this action can be devastating. Instead of walking out of the office with a new set of beautiful pearly whites, they are forced to wait and go without their teeth for an extended period.

Our practice features an on-premise lab that allows us to make all types of replacement teeth, including same day dentures. After an extraction or the loss of a tooth in another way, the gums become swollen. Creating a final denture at this point makes no sense because once the swelling goes down, the device will no longer fit correctly. However, going without teeth is not an option for most patients, which is where same day dentures factor into the equation. They are a temporary, affordable solution that can be worn for approximately four to six months.

It is notable to mention that once the teeth are in place, they must stay there for a specified period. Leaving the device out of the mouth is asking for trouble as the swelling will persist and your same day dentures will no longer fit. Luckily, patients don’t have to go it alone though, and our team will explain all of the ins and outs to prevent any confusion. So, don’t delay any longer, and instead, get the smile you deserve, want, and desire today.