Losing teeth or having them removed is never an enjoyable experience. However, worse still is having gaping holes throughout your smile while you wait for dentures to be made. Often, the process can take weeks or even months. This would leave you to deal with the embarrassment of your missing teeth the entire time, to say nothing about how you’d struggle to chew and talk. Fortunately, there are same day dentures that completely solve the problem. If you’re due to have teeth pulled or if you’ve recently suffered the loss of one, ask your dentist about same day dentures.

Same day dentures work exactly like they sound. When you have teeth extracted, there is swelling immediately after. The same goes for if a tooth is knocked out or even if it falls out from disease. In such a scenario, you’ll want to get to a dental professional as soon as possible for same day dentures.

Anyway, this swelling makes it impossible for a dentist to make permanent dentures for you. It wouldn’t make sense to go to all that work because when the swelling goes down, they’d no longer fit. In fact, you probably wouldn’t be able to get them to stay in your mouth.

So same day dentures are an affordable option that is placed in your mouth knowing full well they won’t be usable in four to
six months. However, most wearers are just fine with that, as they’re just happy to have their holes covered.

Once your same day dentures are installed, you must leave them there for days right off the bat. Otherwise, the swelling will proceed without them and you’ll be left without any dentures. Your dentist should be able to recommend a suitable amount of time.

Aside from helping you feel comfortable with your smile, one of the biggest advantages of same day dentures is that it genuinely helps the healing process. They’ve been shown to actually decrease the amount of time it takes for the body to bounce back. Same day dentures also help with the bleeding.

The dentist who installs them will really make all the difference though. Some people don’t like same day dentures because once you put them in they really need to stay there. So if the color or alignment is off, you’re in for a long four to six months. Fortunately, so long as you have an experienced medical professional to help you, this really shouldn’t be a problem.

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