How Sedation Dentistry Can Help When You’re Getting New Dentures Made

If you are planning to get new dentures made or your existing dentures repaired, then you may be dreading the appointment with the dentist. A lot of people are rather nervous about going to the dentist because they find themselves feeling anxious when they are sat in the dentist’s chair. Even if they’re just getting fitted for dentures, which is a pain-free and non-invasive procedure compared to many other treatments that dentists do, some people find that visiting the dentist is stressful.

dental sedation available

Coping With Dental Phobias

Sedation dentistry can help with this. If you opt for sedation dentistry, then the procedure will be done under light sedation. You will not be ‘unconscious’ during the procedure, but rather you will be sedated to the point that you are very relaxed and not really aware of what is going on around you. While sedated like this you will still be able to respond to the dentist’s instructions, which is important to allow them to examine you safely, but you will be relaxed enough that you will not have to worry about your gag reflex, or about nerves kicking in when the dentist is mid-examination.

Is Sedation Dentistry Safe?

Getting fitted for dentures, and even having existing dentures repaired, is precision work and it is important that the dentist is able to work relatively freely. We have many years of experience in the world of dentistry and we have worked with a huge number of patients who have dental phobia or who are concerned that they may feel pain during the examination. We can use intravenous or inhalation sedation. These techniques are safe and are not the same as an anesthetic. You will not be “put under” in the same way you would for a major operation, so recovery post-procedure is much quicker, and sedation can be used by most people without fear of unwanted side effects. We will, of course, check your health status and make sure that you are a good candidate for the sedation method that you would like to use.

You will be advised not to drive or operate heavy machinery for 24 hours after sedation, but it is an outpatient process and once it is done you will be able to go home the same day. Some people may feel the need to lay down and rest for a little while after a dental treatment this way, however recovery is usually fast, and the process ensures that you get the dentures you need, accurately fitted, and with no stress.