Slip Slide And Away

Slip Slide And AwayYou already know how important it is to take care of your teeth.  Having a good dentist and seeing them regularly is just as important as seeing your doctor for an annual checkup; both can affect your health.

I Already Have Dentures

Some people get to a point where they are fitted with a full set of dentures, which replace teeth that have been lost.  Dentures can come in a full set to replace many teeth, or a partial set to replace a few that are missing. If you have acquired a full set of dentures, you are certainly now relieved that you can eat again, smile again, and no longer have to feel the discomfort of teeth that are missing or severely damaged. You know that today’s dentures are more comfortable and stronger than denture sets of old.  You feel confident in your newfound teeth and you may think that this puts an end to your dental woes forever.  You may even think that you and your dentist will be seeing a lot less of each other.  But that is where you are wrong.

The Shift

Even when you are fitted for a set of dentures, full or partial, you’ll still need to keep regular dental appointments.  Though your dentures are durable and strong, your gums are made of soft-material and that material tends to change and reshape itself over time as we age.  Changes to our face and jawbone happen as well.  A set of perfectly-fitting dentures can begin to shift and loosen as they years pass.  When this happens, you’ll need to get back in touch with your dentist to see if you need a reline or repair.

Reline and Repair

Your dentist will have you relax in the chair while they evaluate your mouth to see if the denture can be fixed immediately; this is called a soft reline.  If not, then your dentist will go all out, take a new cast of your mouth and send it out to our in-house laboratory to be refabricated, usually within just a few hours; this is called a hard reline.  Both procedures will help you get your smile back before you know it.

If you had your dentures fabricated at Shine Dental or Island Dental Associates, come back and see us.  If you need a repair, we’re here to take care of your needs.  Even if you have never been to our office before and had your dentures fabricated elsewhere, we can still take care of your denture trouble.  And if your dentures feel great, think about stopping in for a check so that we can make sure they are in tip-top shape! We look forward to seeing you!