Wearing dentures doesn’t have to be a challenge in this day and age. Technology has gotten to the point where they should be as easy to have in your mouth as your real teeth were. Unfortunately for many wearers, dentures make the day a constant uphill battle. Every gesture they make with their mouth is either uncomfortable or has them worried someone will notice. However, it doesn’t have to be this way.

Snap on dentures with implants are really where the industry is going. They provide a better overall fit and the snug feel wearers want from their dentures. Best of all, anyone can be outfitted with them.

Traditionally, dentures have rested on top of the gums. To hold them in place, wearers have usually had to depend on some type of adhesive. They either spread a type of glue throughout the dentures or they laid down a strip that acted like tape. Unfortunately, gum tissue isn’t the most cooperative of materials. So despite the wearer’s best efforts, a lot of times, dentures just wouldn’t stay in place. This meant that clicking noise when they talked that so many wearers are familiar with. It could also mean that food would find its way between the inside of the dentures and the top of the gums. None of this made wearing dentures comfortable and it constantly threatened to leave the wearer embarrassed.

This problem is completely resolved with snap on dentures. First, they don’t rely on adhesives at all. Instead, they stay in place thanks to surgically implanted metal. Usually between two to four of these tiny implants are inserted into the jawbone right through the gums. When a wearer wants to put their dentures in, they simply snap them into place by attaching them to these metal implants. So the more implants that are installed into the jaw, the better the dentures fit.

The snug fit really does make all the difference. For one thing, the wearer is immediately more confident because they don’t have to worry about food every sneaking inside. Nor are there any concerns that the adhesive won’t hold or that not enough was put on. Talking, laughing and yawning can be as natural as they once were without fear that dentures will pop out. Plus, there’s absolutely no rubbing back and forth on the gum, something traditional dentures sometimes do, much to the discomfort of the wearer.

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