Do Your Dentures Need To Be Relined?

New dentures will typically fit your mouth very securely as it has been designed specifically for your gums. As time goes on your gum tissues will change and the fit of the denture will become more loose and thus more prone to movement inside your mouth. Having the denture professionally relined every one to two…

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Don’t Put Off Your Denture Repair

Everybody procrastinates. Even people who create detailed schedules and time budgets usually find some reason to move an item back or reschedule something they should really get to right away. Dentures can be like that too, and so long as they stay functional it can be hard to convince yourself to visit your local denture…

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Denture Reline Defined And Explained

If your dentures are not fitting properly, you may need a denture reline. This is a procedure wherein the part of your denture that touches your gums and soft palate of your mouth is relined with a softer, more comfortable material. This procedure can help your dentures conform with the shape of your mouth for…

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Understanding The Process of Denture Relines

Once the gums and jaw bones are no longer supporting natural teeth they can change shape and shrink. Patients who were fitted for dentures several years ago may begin to notice that their dentures are fitting looser than they were in the beginning. Denture relining is a process where the portion of the denture that…

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What is Involved in a Denture Reline?

It is important to realize that dentures need to be maintained in order to offer an individual with the most effective use. The costs related in dentures does not end after the dentures are purchased, they require follow up appointments, cleaning, relining and other accessories when necessary. Follow up appointments are essential for the individual…

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