All About Partial Dentures

A removable partial denture is designed specifically to meet the needs of the patient and can replace one or more missing teeth. A natural appearance and speech clarity is restored along with the ability to eat more efficiently. Partial dentures are created out of a metal and acrylic composition or completely out of acrylic. A…

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Partial Dentures Vs Complete Dentures – Important Information You Need To Know

A good smile starts with healthy, strong, well structured teeth. However, in many unfortunate situations such as injury and tooth decay, people wind up having broken and/or missing teeth. Truthfully, fractured or missing teeth can be very embarrassing, and to avoid the embarrassment, people with broken teeth or missing teeth wind up hiding their normal…

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What You Should Know About Wearing Dentures

The Baby Boomer generation has started hitting retirement age, with the current number of folks over the age of sixty five reaching around one in eight people today. The biggest generation of Americans yet is not ready to sit back and just get old; these men and women are striving to maintain their vim and…

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What Are Partial Dentures For?

A partial denture is one of the most common tools we use in the field of dentistry. Functionally they are largely the same as full dentures with the primary purpose being to replace missing teeth. These types of dentures are made from a wide variety of materials including plastic, acrylic, and ceramic. To construct one…

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The Varying Types of Dentures

Dentures can become a must for an individual seeking high-quality oral health immediately. Dentures are a solution that make sure one’s teeth remain safe and sound through the toughest of tests. Yet, what kinds of treatment options are available for those interested in getting such a solution done for their teeth? There are several options…

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