The Advantages Of Permanent Dentures

The Advantages Of Permanent DenturesMany individuals today are well aware of the problems associated with wearing dentures. This includes the discomfort and irritation they can cause as well as those embarrassing moments when they slide or slip whenever you are eating or speaking. Island Dental Associates and Shine Dental Associates are well aware of these issues and will recommend permanent dentures to correct these issues as they are the ideal alternative.

Permanent Dentures Are Not Just For Seniors

Granted, the aging process adversely affects different parts of the human body and your mouth along with all of its components is no exception to that rule. Regardless of a person’s age, permanent dentures are a common solution for tooth loss due to aging, injury, and poor dental hygiene. Most importantly, they can restore your aesthetics as well as the functions of chewing and speaking while at the same time helping to maintain oral tissue health and your other teeth.

Affordability And Ease Of Fabrication

Permanent dentures cost slightly more than traditional dentures but compared to dental implants, they are less expensive. In most cases, the process takes only a few office visits at most. Your dentist will assess the condition and health of your oral tissues on your first visit and if they find these to be satisfactory, they will proceed and use a dough-like material to take an impression of your mouth.

During your second visit, you will be asked to bite down on a wax mold in order to register the position of your jaw. Additionally, you will probably be asked to select your tooth color and size at this time. On your next visit, you will be asked to try a model of your new dentures that is made from wax. We refer to this as the “try-in” stage of the process. This is also the stage where any major adjustments to your permanent dentures are typically made.

Unless there are any complications or corrections needed, the next stage will be your last visit to our office. Your new dentures will be fitted at this time and you will be sent home to wear them for a few days. However, you may need to schedule another visit in a few days if you are experiencing any pressure points or sore areas. If it is time to consider getting dentures or replacing your current ones, we encourage you to contact Island Dental or Shine Dental Associates today to schedule an appointment.