The Benefits Associated With Same Day Dentures

The Benefits Associated With Same Day DenturesAs the name implies, same day dentures are available to be worn on the same day that the manufacturing takes place. Convenient and quick, this process can have you eating, talk, laughing, and having fun again in no time. They are the perfect option for individuals looking for a new set of teeth, or for those trying to replace broken dentures.

Same day dentures allow patients not to have to go without their teeth for an extended amount of time. Many individuals will not go without their dentures, regardless of for how long, and this option helps them to keep their dignity intact, and their self-confidence at a high level, while achieving a new beautiful smile.

Cost Is Not Typically A Factor

The cost of same day dentures is comparable to traditional dentures, and often, there is not an additional charge for the quick service. Although, it is notable to mention that prices of the dentures will vary, depending on the style that you choose. Having a dental lab on site reduces manufacturing costs, and the savings are passed along to the consumer.

The Simple Process

A mold is taken of the upper, and lower sections, of your mouth. These shells ensure that your bite lines up correctly, even if you only need tops or bottoms. Misaligned dentures can lead to various problems, but our experienced staff takes all of the necessary measures for your teeth to fit right. Shades or colors of teeth are chosen, and then the dentures are manufactured. It sounds so easy on paper, but it is more complicated than that, and our team is prepared to handle all of your same day denture needs.

Once the curing process is complete, the dentures will be placed in your mouth, and the dentist will look for any alignment or comfort issues that may present themselves. Adjustments will be made if need be, and once again they will be placed in your mouth to ensure an optimal fit. As long as no more improvements need to be made, you will be able to get back to your routine.