The Best Denture Repair Service On Long Island

We are available for the repair of all kinds of dentures, and our experience will support that fact, because we repair more than 1,000 dentures each year. There is nothing more frustrating than to have a set of dentures that are broken and don’t work correctly, or are painful to use.

Our practice is owned by a practicing dentist who oversees all of the repair work. The most important facet in make a repair job the right job for our patients is the fit of the dentures. An impression of the mouth is taken in order to provide the perfect fit of the dentures. Great care is taken to be sure that the fit is perfect before we move on to the actual fabrication of the denture plates.

We have an on-site laboratory facility which gives us the advantage of providing same day service for most of our dentures. This is convenient for people who have had to travel some distance to get to our facility.

If you wear dentures, we recommend that you have them refitted to fit every 5 to 10 years, since the jawbone tends to shrink. We will take that into account when you come to visit us, for repairs and adjustments. It may be that your dentures are in good shape, and some minor adjustment might be in order, or a new set of dentures might be recommended.

We offer our patient satisfaction commitment, where we want you to be completely satisfied with our work. Please understand, that dentures that are new do take some time to get used to, because they are not a natural part of your mouth. However, we want to work with you the make sure you are receiving the maximum comfort from your dentures that is possible.