The Convenience of Partial Dentures

The Convenience of Partial DenturesPatients often come into our offices with serious dental problems, such as advanced periodontal disease or massive tooth decay. In other cases, patients have sustained serious oral injuries requiring complete dental reconstruction. For those who need most or all of their teeth replaced, a full set of dentures is the only option.

However, many people with milder conditions have only a few teeth that need replacing. Perhaps their gum disease is confined to a specific portion of their mouths; or maybe they suffered an injury that only damaged a couple of teeth.

For these people, a partial set of dentures is a viable solution to the problem of missing teeth. Also known as “dental bridges” (because they “bridge” the gap left by lost teeth), partial dentures are less expensive than full dentures, and the procedures for fitting and setting them in the mouth are much less invasive and time consuming.

Partial dentures are usually temporarily secured to adjacent, healthy teeth by means of a wire clip or hook. This keeps the piece from moving around in the mouth during the day, while still allowing easy removal at night when the wearer is ready to go to sleep.

In some cases partial dentures can be permanently fixed to the wearer’s jaw by means of a dental implant. There are several factors to consider when determining whether a patient is a candidate for this kind of partial denture solution, which is also sometimes called a “dental implant bridge.” Our knowledgeable staff is ready to discuss all of our patients’ options beginning with the initial consultation.

Many people who have lost some teeth suffer from self-consciousness and diminished confidence. But in our offices, we’ve seen many examples of the wonderful things a restored smile can do for a person’s self-image.