The Different Kinds Of Dentures That Are Available For Teeth Repair

Partial denturesSince the days when George Washington had wooden teeth dentures have definitely come a very long way.

Current products are made out of high-impact acrylic and use a color to appear like real teeth and gums. Metal wire is used to reinforce them. They can have a very realistic appearance to the extent that is is nearly impossible to tell that they aren’t natural teeth.

However, one thing that has stayed the same since the days of George Washington, are the basic kinds that are available: a partial set or a full set.

The Full Set

In terms of oral health, at times dentures is the only option that is left. A majority of people know what a full set of dentures are, where the whole piece can be completely removed from your mouth. Sometimes a full set is called a full plate and is comprised of an acrylic mouthpiece that goes over your gums and sticks to the roof of your mouth. All natural teeth need to be removed so that the denture can be accommodated. Usually the set is removed each night for cleaning as well as to give your gums a rest.

When a full set is needed, proper fit is extremely important. It needs to stay secure enough for regular daily use, but flexible enough at the same time so that your gums or mouth are not injured. That is why when they are initially made it may take several visit to go see your denture professional to ensure they fit properly.

Partial Sets For Repairing Teeth

Partial denture sets are pretty common as well and are available in a number of different configurations. At times when an individual only needs to have a tooth fixed, all that they really need is a partial denture. There are also partial denture sets with spaces in them for accommodating the wearer’s real teeth. Usually it is easier to fit partial sets since they aren’t covering as large an area. The rest of the teeth also help with fit by providing additional support. They offer an area where clips may be attached to make partial sets not as reliance on suction the way that full sets are. You can also remove partial sets to clean them and the est your gum tissue and mouth the same way you can with a full set.

Newer Dental Wear Options

Some of the new dental options that are available include immediate and implant dentures. They both require that false teeth be set direct inside the gum tissue. Despite the fact that the options offer great stability and provide you with immediate results, there can be some shifting as your gums are healing, swelling goes down or tissues recede, meaning that it might be necessary to have repeat visits to see your dentist.

Performance Impacted By The Quality Of Materials

How much your dentures will cost you will vary depending on whether you are getting a partial or full set and whether they are going to be removable or implants. The quality of materials used will also vary and will affect the price. However, your upfront cost alone shouldn’t be the final deciding factor in what you decide to purchase. In general, lower quality materials can result in needing to have more teeth repair done and dentures fixed. It might be worth it to pay a little more money upfront in order to save having to have your dentures fixed constantly.

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