The Impact Of Normal Wear And Tear

The Impact Of Normal Wear And TearThe human body is truly an amazing construction, that manages to accomplish thousands of tasks for basic survival, while still consciously engaging in active functions. Most people don’t think about everything that is happening to come together into a being that lives a full and healthy life. However, by taking all of these balances for granted, Long Island residents can sometimes run into trouble.

Just A Flesh Wound …

At Island Dental Associates in Franklin and Shine Dental Associates in Syosset, we see patients who have taken many different paths to end up in need of cosmetic dentistry. One client recently showed some very common behaviors in her process to finally have a significant tooth issue dealt with.

As a bit of background, this patient had always had relatively good home care habits, and had genetically healthy teeth and gums. More than 20 years ago, she had a small surface cavity on a front incisor, which had been cleaned, treated, and then filled. The procedure had not marred the appearance of her teeth, and had also kept a small cavity from getting worse.

In the present tense, this client’s surface filling had come loose and fallen off. At first the client noticed the discoloration to the tooth in that area, but had not thought much of it, as she also felt that cosmetic dentistry was just superfluous to her needs. Over time, the now exposed tooth pulp ended up developing a deeper cavity, which also spread to the neighboring incisor.

At this point, the client recognized that there was a significant issue happening with her teeth, and she contacted us for help.

Multiple Techniques, One Result

Once the client did finally come to our office, we were able to see that there was considerable damage, much of which could have been avoided if the client had sought professional help at an earlier time. The tooth which had been initially affected had to be entirely removed, and the other incisor had further surface cavities, but could be saved.

Ultimately, we were able to remove the rotten tooth and place a temporary implant, as well as treat the other tooth on the same day that the client came in. This allowed for her to resume regular activities while the post healed, and before the permanent implant was attached. We also placed veneers on all the incisors, in order to keep uniformity in her front teeth.

The client was not only pleased, but also came to realize that cosmetic measures in dentistry are still about the health of the teeth and gums, and are not just adjunct services that are optional. There are many cases where cosmetic dentistry is the only way to address an oral health issue, and to help people live in greater wellness.

As evidenced by our one client, it is never wise to put off any concern that involves the teeth and oral health. Whether you have an emergency or just want to be proactive in taking care of your teeth, we encourage Long Island residents to contact Island Dental Associates in Franklin and Shine Dental Associates in Syosset, so that we can ensure your oral comfort and health.