Complete Full Upper and Lower Dentures

Depending on your dental arrangement, you could need one of a number of different types of dentures. For those whose mouths are missing teeth both across the top and the bottom, complete full upper and lower dentures might be necessary.

Partial Upper and Lower Dentures

Often times when people think about dentures, they imagine the full version that encompasses an entire upper or lower jaw of teeth. However, this isn’t necessary for every patient.
In the case of people who are only missing some teeth, many dentists will recommend partial upper and/or lower dentures. As the name suggests, they cover only part of the jaw—where the teeth are missing, obviously—but leave the rest of your teeth alone.

Clear Palate Dentures

When you think of dentures, if you’re like most people, you imagine the artificial teeth themselves. However, there’s a lot more that goes into making a quality set of dentures than just the teeth the outside world sees. For example, there are often the clasps that wrap around permanent teeth and keep the dentures in place. Often times, there is also a palate of material that spans one side of the denture to the other. Many patients will elect to keep this area clear, as opposed to letting the material’s color show through or having it dyed a certain shade.

Acrylic Partials

When you’re missing a number of teeth, it can be awkward or even uncomfortable trying to smile. However, thanks to acrylic partials, your smile can be complete again and you can feel free to unleash a toothy grin whenever you like.

Implant Supported Partial Dentures

These days, anyone can receive dentures for a better smile and an easier time eating. It really doesn’t matter what condition their mouth is in or their needs in terms of dentures. Implant supported partial dentures are a great illustration of this.

Open Palate Implant Supported Dentures

Although there are still many alternatives available, implant supported dentures are largely considered to be the best option out there. They provide all the benefits of normal dentures with a number of advantages wearers all seem to agree put them a cut above.

Bar Supported Overdentures with Implants

Although there are more options for denture-wearers than ever before, some are simply in a class all their own. By and large, this refers to those that attach to the wearer via implants. One very popular variety is known as bar supported overdentures with implants.

Snap on Dentures with Implants

Wearing dentures doesn’t have to be a challenge in this day and age. Technology has gotten to the point where they should be as easy to have in your mouth as your real teeth were. Unfortunately for many wearers, dentures make the day a constant uphill battle. Every gesture they make with their mouth is either uncomfortable or has them worried someone will notice. However, it doesn’t have to be this way.

Screw Retained Permanent Dentures with Implants

Although there are more dentures to choose from than ever before, that doesn’t mean they’re all of equal quality. Some are clearly better alternatives to the rest and when it comes to dentures, that difference can mean a lot. For this reason, many wearers opt for screw retained permanent dentures with implants to get the perfect mix of comfort, security and appearance.

Mini Implant Supported Dentures

Mini implant supported dentures are another example of just how far technology has come in its ability to work with people who have lost their teeth and suffer from poor oral health. This new innovation gives hope to a whole new collection of people who otherwise would have been stuck using temporary dentures and hoping for the best.

Hybrid Dentures

Although most would agree having dentures is preferable to going without, that doesn’t mean they’re always a dream to wear. In fact, in the case of most temporary dentures, wearers have to struggle everyday to make keep them in their mouths at all times and , even then, the results are often less than ideal. Fortunately, hybrid dentures can provide a complete 180 for those people.


Of all the many types of dentures out there, a simple version known as “flippers” may actually be the most common. Though they’re meant for temporary use, flippers have still come to the aid of countless people over the years and could be the solution you need right now.

Same Day Dentures

Losing teeth or having them removed is never an enjoyable experience. However, worse still is having gaping holes throughout your smile while you wait for dentures to be made. Often, the process can take weeks or even months. This would leave you to deal with the embarrassment of your missing teeth the entire time, to say nothing about how you’d struggle to chew and talk. Fortunately, there are same day dentures that completely solve the problem. If you’re due to have teeth pulled or if you’ve recently suffered the loss of one, ask your dentist about same day dentures.

Immediate Dentures

There are a number of circumstances that can lead to tooth loss. Periodontal disease is a frequent contributor, but so are freak accidents and other things. In any case, when you lose a tooth, the response is almost always the same: you want it replaced as soon as possible. For this, the best option is really immediate dentures.

Denture Stabilization

Almost every denture wearer faces the same initial challenge when they first begin wearing their new teeth. It doesn’t matter how well they fit or how high quality the material is, everyone deals with wearing theirs uncomfortably at first. This is why denture stabilization is always such a popular topic amongst those who wear fake teeth.

Locator and Bar Supported Over Dentures

The technology that is being used for dentures these days is reaching all new heights. Where once most people had to use adhesive and a one-size-fits-all denture and hope for the best, now they have a whole slew of options to ensure the best fit, look and overall comfort.

One Tooth- Multiple Teeth Partial Dentures

Not everyone who needs dentures requires a full row, top and bottom. Many people simply lose a tooth or two. This is often the case with accidents or something like periodontal disease, when it’s treated after the initial damage. While it’s true that sometimes teeth are extracted for the sole purpose of making it easier to install a full denture, this is far from standard. So if you’re missing a couple teeth or will have some removed in the near future, partial dentures are an option to consider.

Nesbit Partials

No matter what your mouth needs, chances are there is a denture that can help. Not all dentures are those full rows of teeth most people think of. There are plenty of options for people who are just missing a single tooth or a few, for example. One of the most popular varieties is known as a Nesbit partial.

Snap on Smile Teeth Replacement

Not everyone who needs dentures requires a full row, top and bottom. Many people simply lose a tooth or two. This is often the case with accidents or something like periodontal disease, when it’s treated after the initial damage. While it’s true that sometimes teeth are extracted for the sole purpose of making it easier to install a full denture, this is far from standard. So if you’re missing a couple teeth or will have some removed in the near future, partial dentures are an option to consider.

Ethnic Colored Dentures

If you went by most pictures of dentures, you could be forgiven for thinking they were made only for white people. Dentures generally include some part of the gum line, after all, and the most common models involve those of a white person. The truth, however, is that dentures can be made for people of all ethnicities. After all, everyone has the same teeth and we all want them to be pearly white.

Valplast Dentures

If you’re smile is missing a couple noticeable teeth, it can make enjoying life that much harder. For many people, the solution is to wear partial dentures that will help cover up the trouble areas. Nowadays, dentures look just like the real thing and can be worn without pastes or glues needed to hold them in. However, one issue people still have with modern dentures is that they can often be uncomfortable to wear and use. For a long time, however, this was simply seen as the price of having dentures. It was believed they had to be hard and rigid or they wouldn’t work. Nonetheless, many wearers just want something different.

Gum and Tooth Colored Clasps

No one wants to go through life with a self-conscious smile because they’re missing teeth. Fortunately, these days, it’s easier than ever to fix this problem once and for all. With a wide array of options, people can find the perfect dentures to fit their mouth and give them confidence back in their smile.

Snap on Partial Dentures with Implants

No matter what your specific needs are, there’s a type of denture out there that will fit it, leaving you with a smile to be proud of. One of the most popular varieties of dentures are those that cover only certain parts of the mouth. They are perfect for patients who still have the majority of their teeth and just need a solution for two, three or even four that they’re missing.

Implant Supported Over Dentures

These days there are countless options for those who need dentures. So although the more conventional choices may still work for many, there’s no reason to limit your choices if you’re not happy with the results. Implant supported over dentures are a good example of ingenuity updating an old model to make them more preferable to a wider group of people.

Dental Implant Supported Dentures

One of the most popular forms of teeth replacement is known as an overdenture. This simple device is just a row of artificial teeth you rest right on top of your gums (hence, the name “overdenture”). While this is the most popular solution for a mouth missing numerous teeth, there are multiple versions of it. Perhaps the best available is known as a dental implant supported denture.