Top 5 Myths About Dentures

Top 5 Myths About DenturesAlmost 35 million Americans have no teeth, and around 90 percent of them wear dentures. However, despite the large number of denture wearers, many people still misunderstand them. Don’t fret! We’d be happy to clear a few things up for you. 

MYTH 1 – Once I get dentures, I won’t need to see my dentist anymore or take care of my mouth.

Wrong! Dentures actually need a little more care than your own natural teeth would. Cleaning them can take a little extra time because you have to clean out the denture and your mouth. You also need to keep up regular visits with the dentist! If anything goes wrong with your oral health or with your dentures, your dentist will be the first to recognize the warning signs.

MYTH 2 – All dentures are the same, so I might as well go with the cheapest.

Wrong again! Not all dentures are made equally and not all denture dentists have the expertise you need to get it right the first time. Not to mention that having a poorly made set of dentures can really harm your oral health. So save yourself some trouble and make sure you get the best dentures for the job.

MYTH 3 – Dentures always fall out when people talk or chew.

If you went with the cheap dentures, yes. However, high-quality dentures will have no problem keeping up with your chewing, talking, or any other everyday activity. Dentures are made with your needs in mind and will stay securely in your mouth with ease.

MYTH 4 – I can eat just fine without my dentures.

If we are talking about things like applesauce or other soft foods then most likely. However, there are huge range of foods that are simply too difficult without the support of your dentures. That aside, chewing is often part of the enjoyment of eating food to begin with. If you are still not convinced, you should know that without dentures or teeth, you will be at an increased risk for malnutrition and digestive system problems.

MYTH 5 – Dentures are for old people or make people look old.

Firstly, it is not at all uncommon for young adults to need dentures. There are several ways you can become susceptible to losing your teeth from a poor immune system to forgetting to keep up with dental hygiene. In fact, you probably have met several young people with dentures and not even known.

Secondly, does it make you look old? Well they used to. Traditional dentures were often set too far back in the mouth which created a sunken appearance. Thankfully, denture technology and knowledge has grown tremendously since then. In fact, dentures are more likely to make you look younger than you would without them.