Types Of Dentures For Different Dental Needs

Types Of Dentures For Different Dental NeedsBecause no two mouths are the same, and no two dental situations are the same, there is a vast array of different dentures to choose from when the need arises. At Island Dental Associates, we want to teach you all about several different types of dentures, and just who may be a great candidate for which type. From full dentures, to partials, to mini dental implants, dentures provide an excellent tooth loss solution for many different types of dental situations.

The dentures that are most often thought of when a person thinks about dentures are full upper and lower dentures, and these are the dentures that completely replace a set of lost teeth. A person doesn’t need to be missing every tooth to receive these types of dentures, but they are the most worthwhile solutions for those who are massing a great majority of their natural tooth structure.

A full set of upper and lower dentures can create issues while eating, speaking, or otherwise using the mouth, particularly if you’re still getting used to them, and this is a situation in which many opt for mini dental implants as well. With mini dental implants, the full set of dentures is held in place with a series of small posts, and although they’re still removable, they are able to be held into the mouth far more securely when compared to adhesives.

Another very common type of denture is partial upper and lower dentures, and these are used for those who are missing some teeth, but many of their natural teeth still remain. In these instances, the partial dentures are only used to replace the teeth which are currently missing, while leaving the natural teeth alone, and they are held into place securely and discreetly to take on the appearance of a full tooth set.

While these are only a couple of the many types of dentures we work with at Island Dental Associates, they are some of the most common. No matter your personal dental situation, there is a type of denture out there to suit your needs, and our dental professionals will be able to assess your situation during a consultation to determine which may be right for you. To schedule a consultation, simply call us at Island Dental Associates today!